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About Me

Hi, this is WhimsyAlice streaming from CT, US. I’m a Twitch Affiliate. I usually stream the Don’t Starve games, most recently  Hamlet, and whatever indie games I can get my hands on. I love streaming and it’s been a consistently positive force in my life. I also love reading, ice cream and guinea pigs. I’m fluent in Hungarian.

What can you find on this website?

When I first made this website I didn’t really know what I wanted to focus on, so the articles are pretty random. I have a better idea now. I’m definitely going to keep the Diamonds in the Rough series, which takes a look at YouTube channels and highlights interesting, high quality content from different genres that deserve more attention. The idea behind this is that there are so many channels and videos that one might never find something that they would enjoy, because it’s so difficult to find.

I would like to keep the Blue and Peach comics, since those are an original creation of mine and I love them.

I also want to finish the Gloom Sunday articles. I had more articles planned for that, but one day my computer crashed and I lost most of my research. It was… painful.

So, those are my main are of focus for now, in that order. I hope you will find something that you enjoy!

You can always find me on Discord!
I’m active on Twitch and Twitter.
I have Instagram.

stream highlights

To Protec and to Serv

Don’t Starve Hamlet is one of my favorite games of all time. This clip depicts the friendly wildlife and the welcoming locals who are always eager to help.

Being a guinea pig is hard

Guinea pigs are the best and that is not up for debate. This clip illustrates the hardships small rodents face each day. (Featuring Darwin of G-Force.)

On that note… I hate water too

The horror of the spiky goose rat. Also known as Bill.


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