It’s finally over

The best thing about 2017 is probably the fact that it’s finally over. What a horrifying fucking nightmare it has been πŸ˜€ We truly had something to celebrate this New Year’s Eve. If you ever needed a reason to get wasted…
I move forward to 2018 hoping that things will change for the better. I try to focus on things that I look forward to, such as:

Westworld will return to HBO with a second season. I’m also excited for the Black Panther movie, another addition to the marvel universe, and most shocking of all β€”drum roll pleaseβ€” … Stargate Origins.  I used to be a Stargate fan. I loved the movie and enjoyed the series a lot; I stuck with it until the very end. I must have seen every episode 2x at least. I was sad when it was canceled and I was hoping someone would pick it up and continue to work on it, even in the form of a reboot. There were whispers, but they resulted in nothing but disappointment, so when I found a random article about a prequel I was surprised. Here, take a look:

I couldn’t believe there was a teaser for it already. It is said to be released on February 15th, and I’m excited to see it. This series will probably determine if there is any hope for this show to live on in the future. Traveling to other planets through gates was always such a cool concept to me; I would be really sad to see it swallowed by the pits of mediocrity. Oh, and the second installment of Fantastic Beasts is coming out at the end of the year too. Yay!

New Year’s Resolution

I made a solemn oath that I will post more frequently. HAHA, nope. I did start a challenge with my boyfriend to finish reading at least 12 books this year. Yeah, it’s pitiful but you have to start somewhere. Mind you, I used to read 3 to 5 books a week. Then I made the horrible mistake of enrolling in college. I don’t think I really enjoyed reading since then. The challenge is really a quest to turn the smoldering flames of passion into lasting candle light. I haven’t picked my first book yet, but I will keep you updated.

Anyway, I wish you the best and a year filled with less bullshit.

love, Alice



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2 thoughts on “F… 2017! Let 2018 begin!

  1. Oh wow I haven’t seen any Stargate in ages or read a book for that matter :D. It’s a good resolution to read more that’s for sure.

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